Qualities of a good driving instructor



Since you could be spending upwards of 50 hours alone with one person, making them feel at ease in your company will promote the right kind of environment for focus and learning. This can be easily be achieved by treating them as more than merely a source of income: be the perfect host at a dinner party; make conversation, offer refreshments and watch how much of a impact it has on their motivation to return the favours in being an equally hospitable guest and attentive learner.


This is a necessity for all drivers, and as the person chiefly responsible for spotting and preventing developing hazards, you are going to need to pay attention at all times. A second’s lapse in concentration could be fatal: it doesn’t take long to change the course of the vehicle and unqualified drivers are notorious at inexplicably veering off course into the paths of oncoming traffic.

A rock

When all hell is breaking loose there’s a good chance your pupil could lose their nerve. It’s at this point that they will look to you for reassurance so you better be ready to offer it. You have to remain calm and in control at all times, for both of your safeties and sanities. This requires an unfaltering self-assurance in your ability to recover from whatever predicament your driver has gotten you into.


Additionally, once you’ve successfully navigated to safety you’re going to have to stay professional by refraining from taking it out on them, but rather by offering constructive criticism in the form of remedial action. And you’re going to need to be able to forgive them every time they threaten your welfare or that of the vehicle’s – condemning a pupil for accidental error, no matter how severe, is unfair and unproductive so be ready to leave your grudges at the door and look only to empathise with their mistakes.


You’re going to need to be wholly dedicated to helping your pupils pass by coming to each lesson with bags of enthusiasm for their continued improvement no matter how difficult they might prove to be.


It’s all well and good having the teaching ability but if you can’t deliver the goods then you can’t do the job. However this can be built up over time through experience, and as long as you’re qualified, this part’s probably already taken care of.

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